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Nicole Brown Interiors has always sought to transform the way her clients connect with their spaces. Whether you are looking to discuss the initial concept process or have questions about the project, I guide my clients every step of the way. Contact me today and give your space the attention it deserves!

"My husband and I hired Nicole to decorate our home in 2011 and again for a recent large scale renovation. She understands our style and always exceeds our expectations. We frequently receive complements on the design of our home."

- Brooke Wood

"Nicole was hired for a personal home interiors job. We replaced our curtains and needed updates for paint colors. She was extremely professional and presented her recommendations with options for us. We highly recommend her services."

- Nanette Gremillion

"Nicole has a degree in interior design from LSU and was working for another local designer when I met her. My husband and I purchased a 10 yr. old home in need of design advice. Nicole was graciously outgoing and enthusiastic to help. We instantly clicked! She expertly worked with us on everything from colors to wallpaper, furniture, rugs, drapes, art, and lighting,always being open to using our existing pieces. She had access to all workers needed. When presenting ideas, she gave several choices and quickly learned my likes and dislikes. She was courteous, prompt with appointments, and organized. Her wonderful personality and professionalism are to her credit."

- Karen Brumley

“Nicole is a very talented and creative designer. I have used her design services for 10 years. She works with the client one on one and is incredibly flexible when it comes to understanding individual needs of clients as well as spaces. For example, I needed and wanted high quality and beautiful elements in formal rooms but high quality, less expensive, durable materials in family areas and kids rooms.She always considered our needs as well as ascetics. She exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Nicole.”

- Shyamala Alapati

“Nicole Brown Interiors has redone three homes for me. One was a vacation home on a regional lake in Louisiana, one was a condo on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the last was my present family home of 11,000 sq. ft. There are several things that stand out to me when speaking of working with Nicole. The first is her joy for what she does and that is transferred everyone of her clients. The second is her regard for your budget, whatever that budget might be. And the third is her respect for those family treasures one might be attached to. She is able to breathe new life into older things simply by recovering a special piece of furniture or just placing something differently within your home and giving it a whole new meaning and/or purpose. When one needs to purchase new items, Nicole carefully weaves them into your older design concept therefore giving an old room an entirely new look. Another very important fact about Nicole is that once she has completed a job that job does not scream over-design as can happen with some design firms. Everything melds together and you are left with a comfortable, elegant space that is warm and inviting to everyone who comes through your door.”

- Ginger Roy

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